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Consumer Vehicle Reviews In Calgary

The 2021 Ram 2500 Limited Longhorn in Calgary, AB: A Pickup with Powerful Lighting Features

(Posted on Feb 19, 2021 at 02:54PM by Josh Lew)
2021 ram 2500 for sale in calgary abThe 2021 Ram 2500 Limited Longhorn qualifies as a heavy-duty truck, thanks to features like its 50,000 PSI frame, multi-link-coil rear suspension, and 9,072 kg diesel towing capacity. This powerful, practical personality carries over to its lighting, with components that illuminate the road and job sites and enhance the exterior appearance. 

2021 Ram 2500 Lighting

Taillamps and Turn Signals: LED 
Pickup Box Lighting: Standard
Headlamps: LED Directional Projectors

Other Features: Fog lamps and running lights

The 2021 Limited Longhorn uses efficient and bright LED bulbs to light the roadway and the cargo area, and they are used for the interior, as well. The bright, modern look of these components adds to the truck's overall attractiveness. The chrome surrounds and accents standard on this model also enhance its visual appeal.

To find out more about the 2021 Ram 2500 Limited Longhorn, connect with our Calgary dealership to schedule a test drive and discuss availability.

The Ram 2500 Big Horn Offers Shift-on-the-Fly Four-Wheel Drive to Calgary Truck Shoppers

(Posted on Feb 18, 2021 at 02:09PM by Josh Lew)
2021 ram 2500 available in calgary abThe 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn comes with both 4x2 and 4x4 drivetrains. The four-wheel option brings added flexibility because it offers a shift-on-the-fly system. You can engage and disengage the truck's axles at speeds of up to 88 km/h. Here is what you need to know about this unique component. 

Ram 2500 Big Horn Specs

Drive Type: 4x2 or Shiftable 4x4
Engines: 6.4L V8 or 6.7L Diesel
Wheels: 18-inch chrome-faced steel
Transmission: Eight-speed or six-speed automatic

The 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn uses a transfer case to move torque to both axles. Drivers can select 4x2 to conserve fuel or increase rear-wheel power. They can then shift into high or low 4x4 modes for better handling during adverse conditions or towing tasks. In poor weather or on rough surfaces, heavy-duty shocks and suspension and electronic stability control (ESC) are there to help you retain command of the pickup. 

To learn more about the flexibility of the Ram 2500 Big Horn, contact our Calgary dealership today. 

The 2021 Ram 2500 Laramie Offers Real-Time Information to Calgary, AB Drivers

(Posted on Feb 17, 2021 at 02:30PM by Josh Lew)
2021 ram 2500 for sale in calgary abThe 2021 Ram 2500 Laramie provides all the information a driver requires to safely and effectively operate their vehicle, plan trips, and ensure safety. The interfaces on this truck are customisable, so you can get the necessary data presented in a way that best suits your needs. 

2500 Laramie Information Features

: 8.4-inch Uconnect 4 touchscreen
Vehicle Information: 7.0-inch in-cluster display
Safety: Tire pressure monitoring system
Connectivity: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

The Ram 2500 Laramie offers a customisable, colour in-cluster display that can show different data points to drivers. For example, you can see information about tire pressure (including on trailer wheels), fuel economy, outside temperature, or overall engine performance. It is also possible to pair your device with the Uconnect interface to get personalised reports, such as a weather forecast, or directions to the work site. 

Contact our Calgary dealership to learn more about the 2021 Ram 2500 Laramie. 

The 2021 Ram 2500 Offers Flexible Seating Options to Calgary Truck Owners

(Posted on Feb 10, 2021 at 04:00PM by Josh Lew)
2021 ram 2500 new models in calgary albertaThe 2021 Ram 2500 offers different seating configurations. While some models, such as the Limited Longhorn, have luxuries like heated and ventilated leather chairs, this truck really stands out for Calgary drivers because of its functional and flexible layouts and designs. 

2021 Ram 2500 Seating Specifications
: Up to 6 (Crew Cab and Mega Cab)
Bench Design: 40/20/40 
Special Feature: Forward Fold-Flat Rear 

The 2021 Ram 2500 offers exceptional flexibility. Its 40/20/40 seat designs allow users to accommodate up to six people in extended-cab models. If the truck is not at max capacity, retractable armrests with cup-holders and storage can add comfort and funtionality. Features like the fold-flat rear bench (in Mega Cab vehicles) allows for extra space for cargo, luggage, or equipment that you do not want to place in the bed.

Connect with our Calgary dealership to learn more about the different cabin and seating options for the 2021 Ram 2500.

The 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn Has Ample Interior Storage for Calgary Truck Owners

(Posted on Feb 10, 2021 at 01:01PM by Josh Lew)
2021 ram 2500 best prices in alberta canadaThe bed of 2021 Ram 2500 is between 1,930 and 2,489 mm. That is enough capacity for most of your cargo and equipment-hauling needs. Some items, however, need extra security, or drivers require them to be close at hand. This pickup boasts ample interior storage to help keep everything safe, accessible, and organized. 

2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn Storage 

: Armrest with cup-holders and storage
Rear: Behind-the-seat storage (Regular and Mega cabs)
Additional: In-floor and under-seat compartments (Crew Cab)

The Ram 2500 Big Horn has options that go beyond the usual glove box and centre console. Of course, when it comes to carrying regular cargo, the truck excels, as well. Its 50,000 PSI steel frame and large bed can accommodate up to 1,819 kg. 

To see these unique compartments for yourself, contact our Calgary dealership to schedule a test drive in the 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn. 
2021 ram 2500 near me in calgary albertaThe 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn is a mid-trim pickup with impressive performance features. Its 6.4L V8 engine can tow 9,072 kg, but its most attractive attributes could be its premium-level safety systems. 

2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn Safety Specifications

: Front, seat-mounted, and side-curtain
Parking Assistance: ParkView backup camera
Towing: Electronic trailer brake control
Security: Keyless entry and Sentry Key Anti-Theft Engine Immobilizer


The 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn has a backup camera, full airbag coverage, and truck-specific features, including trailer brake and sway control. You also get a heavy-duty engine cooling system to avoid overheating. These and other components, such as a tire pressure monitoring display, might seem like premium elements, but they all serve a useful purpose: keeping the pickup on the road and out of trouble. 

To see these safety systems, along with the 2021 Ram 2500 Big Horn's other features, contact our Calgary, Alberta dealership today. 

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