The Best Skid Steers of 2019

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The Best Skid Steers of 2019 are here:

In attempting to determine the “year’s best skid steer,” there are a multitude of variables to consider—size, versatility, visibility, lifting force, etc. What should be most prioritized? As it stands, only you know the answer to that, but we’ve done our best to research as many sources as possible to answer the question “what is the best skid steer on the market for 2019?”



the best skid steers of 2019
CASE SR130 Skid Steers Ranked “Best in Class” By Leading Publications

CASE believes that bigger isn’t always better. An example of their pragmatic approach has borne fruit with their best selling SR130 machine. Less than two meters wide, this machine excels in tight spaces. Further, the clever design of the H-link, loader arms, and rear hood combine with the curvature of the cab glass for a peerless 360-degree view of any job site.  This user-friendly design makes their machines the most maneuverable and safe on the worksite.

CASE, of course, also makes a strong showing with larger skid steers; in fact, CASE is the only manufacturer to be shortlisted on's “Best of Skid Steers” awards in both Small and Large skid steers categories. And with the aforementioned “best in class” visibility and the widest loader cabs in the industry, it’s difficult to look past their offerings. We found the aggregate of reviews and tests ranked Case as offering the best skid steers of 2019, packing considerable punch with some of the strongest and most compact machines available today.

the best skid steers of 2019

Runner Up: John Deere 332G

John Deere presents an interesting foil to CASE—as notes, their premier skid steers have appealed primarily to those customers that buy into the notion of “bigger is better.” Their 332G skid steer leads the way in this respect as their largest machine in this class, with greater than 3,150 lbs. of rated operating capacity, ensuring customers that focus primarily on lifting capacity can get the most out of their machine.

Runner Up: CAT Equipment 262D3

Caterpillar’s best skid steer by sales numbers is their 262D3, which has been their top-seller for years. As the largest of their skid steers in the 74-HP class, it carries an operating capacity of 2,700 pounds, offering a compelling alternative to other manufacturers.

All of the above is just a quick summary of our findings and only scratches the surface of the best skid steers currently available for sale, but we think you’ll find it’s a useful starting point to research which machines may work best for your application.