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2021 jeep cherokee for sale in calgary abAn Engine Start-Stop (ESS) system, available on autos such as the Jeep Cherokee, helps improve fuel efficiency by cutting the power when the vehicle is not in motion. 

This component uses sensors to monitor the speed of the car. When the driver applies continuous pressure on the brake, the unit interprets the action as an intent to stop, and it shuts off the motor, which remains dormant until the pedal gets released. 

This feature is meant to improve fuel economy. The stop-start cycle is usually measured in hundredths of a second, so it does not hinder performance. The ESS uses electronics, but it is wired separately from the HVAC, lights, and media centre. Therefore, it doesn't affect the functionality of these other components. 

Does Engine Start-Stop work? It can increase fuel efficiency by up to 10%, but it is most effective in city driving and during stop-and-go rush-hour commutes. It offers little benefit for those who usually ride on the highway. 

To see which vehicles have ESS, contact our Calgary dealership today.

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