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Auto Advice For Calgary Consumers
2021 chrysler pacifica for sale in calgary abThe wheelbase of a vehicle is the distance between the centres of its front and rear tires. It is a commonly-cited specification, but what does it mean? 

A car with a longer wheelbase has extra interior space. This connection might seem obvious, but the vehicle may also display less evident traits. For example, it will be more stable and offer a smoother ride. This is why SUVs and luxury cars often have lengthier dimensions. 

On the other hand, autos with shorter wheelbases offer better handling. For this reason, many sports cars have less distance between their front and back tires. 

Towing vehicles, such as pickup trucks like the Ram 1500, benefit from very long wheelbases because it makes it harder for them to lose control when pulling heavy loads. 

Whether you are interested in sports cars with shorter wheelbase measurements or lengthier sedans or trucks, contact our Calgary dealership today to inquire about our current offerings.
2021 chrysler pacifica for sale in calgary abA continuous variable transmission (CVT) is different from standard automatic and manual units, which have a fixed number of gears. Instead, it uses a pulley-like system connected to flexible composite belts. 

What are the benefits of this type of setup?

Since there is no shifting with a CVT, a vehicle can technically have an unlimited number of gears. The engine can always operate near peak efficiency because it can get the best possible ratio at any speed. Also, the system has fewer components, so it is much lighter than a standard transmission. This can lead to lower gas usage. 

When it comes to performance, a CVT offers smoother operation and steadier acceleration with no pauses for gear changes. At the same time, the components are more challenging to repair, and they do not work on autos that have powerful engines. Some hybrid vehicles, such as the Chrysler Pacifica, have an electromagnetic continuous variable transmission (EVT). 

To see which cars near you have a continuous variable transmission, contact our Calgary dealership today.
2021 ram for sale in calgary abElectric power steering (EPS) uses energy from the vehicle's battery to reduce the effort required to turn the wheel. Most new cars and many trucks have this system, though a few still rely on a hydraulic design. 

The EPS components include a brushless motor, sensors, and an electronic controller. The entire package usually sits inside the steering column. 

The system is very efficient. It conserves fuel and electricity since it remains in standby mode unless needed. Also, because of the design and components, it is easy for automakers to pair EPS with active safety tools such as lane-keeping assist and automated parking. 

The main drawback of this type of power steering is that any wiring, fuse, or battery failure can affect the functionality. These issues are rare in modern cars. Furthermore, though it could be hard to turn, the wheel will still function without electrical assistance. 

To learn more about this feature, contact our Calgary dealership today.
2021 jeep cherokee for sale in calgary abAdaptive cruise control (ACC), available on autos such as the Jeep Cherokee, enables your vehicle to maintain a set speed on the highway. It also relies on sensors to adjust the pace to ensure a safe following distance. Some cars even have a stop-and-go feature that works in heavier traffic. 

An ACC system relies on cameras, radar, or lasers to locate vehicles near yours as you drive down the highway. These sensors can measure distance and velocity and adjust the engine as needed to keep an appropriate gap. When the road is clear, the vehicle returns to its pre-set speed. 

You typically activate cruise control with buttons or knobs on the steering wheel or column. First, you engage the system and then accelerate to your desired speed. Most units require you to press a SET switch before removing your foot from the pedal. 

Additional controls allow you to increase or decrease the pace incrementally (1-2 km/h at a time). 

To see which vehicles have adaptive cruise control near you, contact our Calgary dealership today.
2020 ram 3500 for sale in calgary abDiesel engines have come a long way since the 1980’s. Today’s models avoid problems like noise and excessive emissions. Also, they have enhanced some of the advantages that make them a great option for specific tasks. 

What does diesel bring to Calgary drivers? First of all, the motors are more efficient than their gas counterparts.

The reason for this is their higher compression ratio. Diesel units use hot, dense air to ignite the fuel (instead of spark plugs). In addition to this attribute, the engine design has fewer components. The limited number of moving parts lowers the maintenance requirements. 

Another advantage of these units is that they provide more torque. The extra power may not be useful to some, but it comes in handy for towing, hauling, or acceleration. This is why pickup trucks, such as the Ram 3500, come with a diesel option. 

To check the availability of diesel-power vehicles near you, contact our Calgary dealership today.
2021 dodge charger for sale in calgary abPaddle shifters help the driver switch manually between gears when operating a vehicle with an automatic transmission. This feature sits behind the steering wheel on both the right and left sides. You can typically find it on performance-oriented autos like the Dodge Charger. 

Paddle shifters (initially produced for racing) provide a hand-operated option for consumer vehicles. You typically have to choose the manual setting to activate the feature. Also, you cannot select Drive, Reverse, or Park with this component, so you must move the car into D using the regular stick before the mode becomes operational.

Usually, the right paddle is for traveling up through the gears, while the left is for downshifting.  This feature can decrease brake wear because it naturally slows the car as you decelerate. At the same time, the components are electronic, so they do not cause damage to the transmission, even if you use them incorrectly. 
Contact our Calgary dealership to inquire about the availability of vehicles with paddle shifters.
2021 jeep cherokee for sale in calgary abAn Engine Start-Stop (ESS) system, available on autos such as the Jeep Cherokee, helps improve fuel efficiency by cutting the power when the vehicle is not in motion. 

This component uses sensors to monitor the speed of the car. When the driver applies continuous pressure on the brake, the unit interprets the action as an intent to stop, and it shuts off the motor, which remains dormant until the pedal gets released. 

This feature is meant to improve fuel economy. The stop-start cycle is usually measured in hundredths of a second, so it does not hinder performance. The ESS uses electronics, but it is wired separately from the HVAC, lights, and media centre. Therefore, it doesn't affect the functionality of these other components. 

Does Engine Start-Stop work? It can increase fuel efficiency by up to 10%, but it is most effective in city driving and during stop-and-go rush-hour commutes. It offers little benefit for those who usually ride on the highway. 

To see which vehicles have ESS, contact our Calgary dealership today.
2021 ram 1500 for sale in calgary albertaTruck beds allow you to carry materials, transport equipment, and store tools while you are at a work site. These vehicles often come with different components to help in securing items. Here are the options that owners should be aware of. 

Most pickups have tie-down loops, which aid in fastening things that would otherwise roll around the back. This feature is essential for security since it lets you fasten items so that nothing flies off on the road. 

Ram 1500 trucks have an available Tonneau cover. It retracts in sections and serves to secure and protect tools and materials from outside conditions. The drawback of this option is that oversized items won't fit underneath. 

Ram also has a cargo management system consisting of a lockable box that takes up a portion of the bed. It is useful for storing valuable equipment that needs to be out of the elements or could be a target for thieves.

To inquire about available pickup bed features, contact our Calgary dealership today.

What Auto Components and Features Prepare You for Winter in Calgary, AB?

(Posted on Feb 22, 2021 at 05:00PM by Josh Lew)
2021 ram 1500 for sale in calgary alberta4x4 drivetrains and traction and stability control systems can prove invaluable during the wintertime in Alberta. However, there are other components that are also quite useful. For example, a remote starter can help you warm your vehicle and begin defrosting the windows while remaining indoors. 

In addition to the windshield, some vehicles have de-icing units for their exterior mirrors. Meanwhile, tri-zone climate controls and rear HVAC vents can ensure that every passenger gets the level of warmth they need. While high-end trims, like the Ram 1500 Limited, offer heated seats in both rows, many mid-tier models install this feature on the front chairs. 

For vehicles that get parked outdoors or in exceptionally cold climates, an engine-block heater can prove essential when you absolutely need your truck to start every time. A maintenance-free battery can also be useful in handling such conditions. 

To find out about these and other essential wintertime traits, contact our Calgary dealership today.
2021 jeep grand cherokee in calgary albertaAirbags are standard in every modern vehicle, and even base trims have a full complement of these essential safety tools. The devices deploy in the event of forward or perpendicular-impact collisions. 

The two most common airbags are front and side curtain. The driver and passenger may hit the dash or windshield during an accident. The cushions prevent contact with these hard surfaces. Likewise, the units to the right and left protect riders from hitting the windows. These options cover every row on vehicles like the Chrysler Grand Caravan

Another type of airbag inflates across the roof to protect everyone during a rollover. Some models also feature seat-mounted varieties, which limit violent head movements. Others provide additional protection for the knees and torso of those in the front. 

Airbags can prove dangerous to children, which is why safety experts suggest that they always sit in the rear in age-appropriate restraints. 

To find out more about available safety features, contact our Calgary dealership today.

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