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Auto Advice For Calgary Consumers

What Braking Features Are Important for Safety in Black Diamond, AB?

(Posted on Jun 15, 2021 at 02:00PM by Josh Lew)
<a href="[%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/June_2021/Dodge_Journey_braking_systems.png"alt="A woman and a girl walking in front of a white 2018 Dodge Journey, with brick buildings in the background"/></a>Brakes are essential for safety. Therefore, family-oriented vehicles like the 2018 Dodge Journey come with a range of systems, including ABS and Rain Brake Support.

Here is a closer look at the elements on the 2018 Dodge Journey that help you stop effectively and safely in any weather conditions. 

Rain Brake Support

The Rain Brake Support feature optimises performance in wet conditions. This system works on a circuit with the windshield wipers, and it activates whenever they are on. 

Rain Brake Support works by applying a small amount of pressure to get rid of water from precipitation and road spray that has built up on the pads and rotors. 

Ready Alert Braking

Ready Alert Braking reduces the stopping time. It determines the severity of the situation by monitoring how fast the driver releases the throttle. If you step off the gas pedal quickly, the system starts the slowing process preemptively so that you reach a complete standstill faster. 

Anti-Lock Braking System

The ABS prevents slippage by continuously pumping the brakes and modulating the hydraulic pressure when the driver presses the pedal. This system works automatically if it senses skidding. 

To learn more about the braking systems on the 2018 Dodge Journey and other new and used vehicles at our Calgary dealership, contact us today.

Vehicle Safety in Langdon, AB: What is Electronic Roll Mitigation?

(Posted on Jun 13, 2021 at 11:35AM by Josh Lew)
<a href="[Used%2CDodge%2CJourney%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/June_2021/Dodge_Journey_ERM_System.png"alt="Blue 2018 Dodge Journey driving on a snowy surface with hills in the background"/></a>The 2018 Dodge Journey has a full range of safety features. While elements like anti-lock brakes and front and side curtain airbags are familiar to every driver, some tools - such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) with roll mitigation - are less understood (but equally essential).  

The electronic roll mitigation (ERM) feature uses the ESC’s sensors to track and prevent any movement that might result in the tires lifting off the pavement. In particular, the system monitors the speed of the vehicle and the rate of turn of the steering wheel. 

If it detects possible wheel lift, the electronic roll mitigation feature takes control of the brakes, applying them as needed to reduce the chances of a rollover. It can also cut the engine if necessary to lower the speed of your vehicle.

The roll mitigation component is a part of your vehicle’s electronic stability control, and therefore, it won’t work when the ESC system is off. Also, it does not trigger unexpectedly and will only deploy in response to high speeds or very aggressive steering. 

If you would like to learn more about the electronic roll mitigation system on the 2018 Dodge Journey or any of our other vehicles, contact our Calgary dealership today.
<a href="[New%2CDodge%2CDurango%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/June_2021/dodge_durango_lane_departure_warning.jpg"alt="Two 2021 Dodge Durango models (one red, one blue) driving side by side on an open road with a hill in the background"/></a>Lane departure warning is a safety tool that helps drivers stay between the lines when they are on the road. It is typically part of a suite of sensor-powered features that are available on most modern vehicles, including the 2021 Dodge Durango

The system uses a camera mounted on the rearview mirror to keep an eye on the road ahead. The sensor looks for yellow or white lane markings and sends a signal through the onboard computer when the driver crosses these lines. 

On the new Durango, you get an alert when you start drifting out of your lane, and the system intervenes to correct the steering if you fail to respond. 

Here is a closer look at what these safety tools do:

Lane Departure Warning

This provides audio and visual feedback if the vehicle gets too close to or crosses lane markings. If you activate your turn signal, the system sees it a planned change and will not issue a warning. 

Lane Keep Assist

This system takes the protection a step further. It gently turns the steering wheel or applies the brakes to keep the vehicle within its lane when it detects that you are crossing road lines without activating your signal. 

To learn more about Lane Departure Warning and other sensor-powered features on the 2021 Dodge Durango, contact our Calgary dealership today. 

How Calgary Drivers Can Benefit from Chrysler's Automatic Headlamps

(Posted on May 7, 2021 at 01:00PM by Josh Lew)
<a href="[New%2CChrysler%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/May_2021/chrysler_300_headlamps.jpg"alt=Front view of 2021 Chrysler 300 with LED headlamps on"/></a>Automatic headlamps are just like regular units - with one crucial exception. They turn on and off without any input from the driver, proving a vital component to any late-night adventure. 

This system relies on photoelectric sensors mounted under or above the windshield. These detectors measure illumination much like a photographer's light meter and, if needed, tell the onboard computer to engage the headlamps. This affords superior visibility in low-level environments (such as when driving through fog) or at night. 

Additionally: while the sensitivity of the system gets set by the manufacturer, you can override it. This could be necessary if the sensors do not respond to precipitation, for example, or if they get fooled by artificial lights.

Automatic headlights are an invaluable tool that helps operators ensure they always have the correct illumination. Some systems also come with a self-levelling feature, which detects oncoming vehicles at night and switches off the high beams to avoid blinding other drivers - a crucial function when passing on narrow streets with low side-to-side visibility. 

To see automatic headlamps on vehicles - such as the 2021 Chrysler 300 - contact our Calgary dealership today; and don't forget to ask about our available financing options as well. 
<a href="[New%2CJeep%2CGrand%20Cherokee%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C%2C]"><img src="/images/upload/April-2021/jeep_grand_cherokee_airbags.jpg"alt="X-ray view of airbag system on 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee"/></a>Side airbags are designed to protect passengers during perpendicular collisions and rollovers. These safety elements are common in most modern vehicles, including SUVs (like the new Jeep Grand Cherokee) and luxury sedans (such as the 2021 Chrysler 300). 

There are two categories: chest protectors and curtain units. The former, also known as torso airbags, deploy from the door or the seat. They protect the body during a collision, helping to reduce overall impact friction. 

Side curtain airbags are found along the ceiling of the vehicle and open across the windows, protecting the heads of all outboard passengers. These cover the first, second, and (if applicable) third-row seats. 

Because there is less buffer space on the side of the vehicle, these airbags deploy three times faster than those in the front. They also stay inflated for longer to protect passengers in the event of a rollover. Through these innovations they help to ensure safer experiences on the highways and trails alike, lessening the force of a collision. 

To learn more about the airbag coverage on new vehicles (such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 300), contact our Calgary dealership today. Don't hesitate to request a demonstration of other key safety features as well. 
2021 ram 3500 for sale in calgary abTowing is a challenging undertaking. Luckily, trucks like the Ram 3500 come with various safety features that make the process easier and more secure. 

For example, pickups often have trailer sway control. This system relies on a combination of upward and downward pressure on the spring arms and hitch tongue to steady the load when needed. 

Standard active safety systems can also aid in towing. Blind-spot monitoring, for instance, alerts the driver when other vehicles are in the next lane and parallel to the trailer. This tool can supplement extra-wide mirrors (such as 7x11 ones), which offer a better view behind the vehicle.

In addition, some tire monitoring systems include a hookup for trailer wheels. This component allows the driver to get an early warning about a puncture that could lead to a loss of control. 

To learn more about the Ram 3500 and other trucks with trailer safety features, contact our Calgary, AB dealership today.

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