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The Importance of Wheel Alignments in B.C.

It’s an all-too-familiar situation - with your car jerking to the side, refusing to make a smooth turn. You fight against both the steering wheel and the suspension, trying to counter the constant vibrations; and you can feel the tires spinning weakly beneath you. 

A morning commute really shouldn’t be this hard.

We agree - which is why we think it’s time for a wheel alignment. Reclaim your driving experience and enhance every rev.

Defining Wheel Alignments For B.C. Drivers

Names can often be deceiving - and an alignment is no exception. B.C. drivers may be surprised to learn that this process does not involve adjusting a vehicle’s tires. Instead it refers to correcting the suspension, improving how it relates to the wheels.

Time and terrains can wreak havoc on your car, causing its drivetrain to become misaligned. To combat this, certified technicians will perform a series of adjustments - correcting the Camber (the inward and outward angles of the tire when viewed from the front, which can become tilted due to worn bearings and ball joints), Toe (the inward and outward angles of the tire when viewed from above, which can become crooked due to control arm malfunctions), and Caster (the inward and outward angles of the tire when viewed from the side, which can be damaged by bad struts or tie-downs). Each of these elements must be carefully corrected to optimize the suspension and restore traction. 

To achieve optimum measurements, technicians will utilize special sensors to measure the Camber, Toe, and Caster ratios - comparing them to designated manufacturer specifications to understand what changes must be made. This ensures seamless corrections and expedites the repair process. 

Most Common Reasons For a Wheel Alignment in B.C.

Do I need a wheel alignment? 

Some automotive questions prove difficult for B.C. drivers to answer. They require a thorough understanding of engine sequencing and CPU calculations and/or the brake system, demanding endless hours spent beneath a hood. 

That’s not necessary with a wheel alignment. Instead, a simple drive downtown will yield quick results.

A misaligned suspension is no isolated issue. It’s instead marked by a series of (potentially costly) concerns, which affect both the performance and safety of your car. The most common of these problems are:

Uneven Tire Treading

Improperly aligned Cambers, Toes, and Casters will cause tires to “feather” - a process in which one side of the treading becomes worn while the other remains smooth. This lessens overall grippage, with the wheels unable to generate consistent traction on changing terrains. Skidding and rough cornering often occurs.

Unwanted Vehicle Movements

If the suspension is unable to connect with the tires, all responses will be impacted - causing sudden pulling to the left or right. Jerky, sharp motions are common; and B.C. drivers will find themselves struggling to correct this, constantly changing both speed and steerage patterns.

Sudden Shaking or Vibrations

Rough roads can cause a vehicle to shake - but those suffering from wheel misalignments will experience these rattles and rolls on even the smoothest paths. Expect harsh vibrations through the steering column, as well as a pulsing sensation in the front and rear seats.

Loud Steering and Squealing Tires

Silence may be golden, but it won’t prove possible when your car is in need of an alignment. The steering wheel can generate a sharp rattling sound (due to trying to compensate for suspension); and a loud squeal can emanate from the tires, with the lack of traction causing too-rapid spin cycles. 

Loose Steering

Weak responses can occur when the suspension isn’t properly adjusted, with the steering column becoming loose and requiring extra effort to make basic maneuvers. This will particularly impact turning, increasing a vehicle’s needed radial distance. 

Uncentered Steering

In ideal conditions the steering wheel will be perfectly straight while in its starting position (and will return to this angle after completing a turn). A misalignment, however, causes the column to tilt and can create a difference of several degrees - which doesn’t allow the system to automatically right itself. It remains crooked. 

Poor Gas Mileage

Misalignments cause vehicles to work harder - demanding an excess of energy to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. Because of this, drivers will see a sudden loss of efficiency. Constant fuel station visits will be required to counter an always falling gauge needle, and maintaining manufacturer MPG ratings will become impossible.

These issues will alert B.C. drivers that their vehicle suspensions are in need of repair - now.

Understanding How Often to Schedule a Wheel Alignment in B.C.

Time is the enemy of every driver. With each second cars are subjected to a blitz of changing terrains and unfavorable road conditions - and these long hours eventually become too much to ignore.

It is recommended that those in the B.C. region schedule an alignment once per year (or every 6,000 miles, depending on driving habits). This is to ensure that vehicles can perform at maximum levels and it can greatly lessen the chance of a costly suspension replacement later on. 

It is also recommended to schedule an alignment whenever new tires are chosen. Allow technicians to both install and measure the wheels, assuring that all angles match manufacturer standards. This, typically, occurs every six years (or per 40,000 miles).

The Importance of Scheduling a Wheel Alignment With a Certified B.C. Dealer

Identifying the need for a wheel alignment is easy. Correcting the problem yourself, however, is… not. Adjusting a vehicle suspension demands both an understanding of how each individual component works and access to manufacturer-approved tools. It’s essential, therefore, that B.C. drivers seek out certified dealerships to address their specific needs. 

Rely on experienced technicians to quickly (and correctly) identify the best solution for your vehicle. They can make on-site Camber, Toe, and Caster adjustments - as well as correct any damage done to suspension itself. This translates to peerless performance on the road, and it guarantees precision with every appointment. 

Schedule a wheel alignment in B.C. today!

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